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Carnelian Gemstone- Key Chain

 You'll Receive One: 
Carnelian Gemstone Keychain
Carnelian Gemstone Is Wire Wrapped By Hand In Copper and Stainless Steel.
*A Random Stone Will Be Chosen  Similar To Ones Pictured*
Healing Properties:
Carnelian is known as a stabilizing stone.
-Helps restore vitality and motivation
-Stimulates creativity
-Helps with fertility
-Promotes positive life choices
-Speeds up healing processes after trauma or injury
-Purifies blood/improves circulation
-Brings courage when facing personal challenges
-Useful for overcoming abuse of any kind
*Carnelian stone may be worn as a pendant

*Each stone also comes with a key ring *



Check back often for more healing crystal key chains, natural stone pendants, and amulets from our collection of artisan jewelry.



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Type: Crystal Key Chain